Take to the Skies and Meet Your Urgent Freight Needs in Broome, Port Hedland, or Karratha

Dilemma: you need to get a sizeable shipment from point A to point B, and you are working on a tight deadline. The item you are shipping is heavy, long, large or otherwise unwieldy, which means that shipping it on a passenger flight is out of the question. You could charter a dedicated aircraft to get the package where it needs to go, but that would cost significantly more than you have budgeted. You could also hire a road freight company, to load the item onto a truck and drive it to the final destination. However, you’re worried that road freight might be too slow to get the package where it needs to be by the time that it needs to be there. What do you do?

If you have this kind of urgent freight issue in Broome, Port Hedland, Karratha or anywhere in Western Australia, then Complete Aviation Freight can help. If you haven’t heard of Complete Aviation Freight before, that’s because we are technically a new company. Indeed, Complete Aviation Freight just got its start in August 2017. However, we are also a part of Complete Aviation Services, which has been offering corporate jet hire and other private aircraft solutions for more than 25 years. In other words, we know what we’re doing.

Why Choose our Air Freight Solutions Instead of Road Freight?

Complete Aviation Freight is currently the only air freight business in Western Australia that can air freight heavy or unwieldy items. If you have an urgent freight movement to Port Hedland or Broome, you will probably end up choosing between our service and some road transport solution.

The question is, why should you choose our air freight service instead of relying on a road freight option?

First off, Complete Aviation Freight can get your item where it needs to go faster than any road freight solution. As a passenger, you know that flying is always faster than driving. The same goes for freight and transport. As such, if you are staring down the barrel of a deadline and need to get your package to point B ASAP, air freight is your only feasible option.

Secondly, air freight simply leaves fewer angles up in the air. There are a lot of risks associated with road transport, and most of them are difficult to plan for or predict. Animal strikes, mechanical breakdowns, accidents, poor road conditions, road construction. All these factors can delay your delivery and cause safety issues. No such problems exist in the skies, which means that it is much easier to pinpoint an exact arrival time when using an air freight solution.

Need Urgent Freight to Karratha or Port Hedland? Look No Further Than Complete Aviation Freight

Bottom line, if you need to get urgent freight to Broome, Karratha, Port Hedland or anywhere else in Western Australia, then Complete Aviation Freight can help. We’ll get your item there faster, with fewer delays and with fewer safety concerns. Plus, we can ship items of virtually any size—even if no passenger plane would ever let them onboard. Call us on 1800 632221 to learn more.