Casair: The Leader in Air Freight Services for all Australia

Congratulations on your promotion to Regional Director of Operations! Your years of study and hard work have paid off, and you are finally in the position of your dreams at best oil refinery in Australia. They treated you nicely, throwing you a big bash. Later that night the phone rings. It’s the remote plant. A gasket has blown halting all production. You spring out of bed hurriedly searching options for moving urgent freight across Australia. You need a gasket moved from your local warehouse near headquarters to the plant over 200km away. It’s the middle of the of the night on your first day on the job. How could things be going worse? Don’t panic. Urgent air freight in Australia is used to connect headquarters to their remote plant locations in a fraction of the time compared to traditional ground transport routes. Complete Aviation is the leader in air freight services throughout Australia. Available 24/7 every day of the year, you can count on Casair for all your air freight needs in Australia.

When You Need It There Now: Booking Solutions with Urgent Air Freight for Australia

Moving urgent freight in Australia via ground options is a thing of the past. For one, it’s time-consuming which leaves your facility’s workforce waiting idly until their needed part arrives. Complete Aviation knows that even the slightest slowdown translates into astronomical losses. Traditional ground transport of urgent freight here in Australia is also exhausting. Skip the stall, decrease downtimes, and enhance productivity by sending air freight across Australia’s skies. Send people along with your parts. We can safely transport heavy items usually restricted from commercial flights. Give us a call, and we can tell you if we can accommodate your intended equipment on any plane in our fleet of charter aircraft. Our air freight services in Australia uses a customised forklift-like machine which ensures your items are loaded with care and secured for safe transport. Get that much-needed gasket and certified maintenance worker to the plant in a couple of hours instead of half a day or more.

Start Out as the Hero of the Day

Stepping into a new position is nerve wracking. No matter how much experience you have acquired, there is always the risk of failure and catastrophe. The need for urgent air freight in Australia usually comes about as a matter of emergency. No matter the snag, we can help you mitigate the losses incurred by offering time-efficient, cost-effective, solutions. That’s why more companies are switching to air freight in Australia through Casair over ground transport. When you make a booking request with us, we will respond with a timetable notifying when we can accommodate the request. Get up in the air in a matter of hours. Our fleet of planes are subject to regular maintenance, inspection, and licensing. We are compliant with all laws and certified to transport anything that is legally allowed to fly. A partnership with us is the easiest most reliable way to get equipment and team members to needed locations quickly.