Corporate Aircraft Management

More companies recognise the advantages of purchasing an aircraft to suit their individual business requirements, especially the benefits of Safety, Security, Efficiency and Productivity.

Another key benefit to operating your own purchased or leased aircraft is cost.  When you charter an aircraft or fly on a scheduled airline service, someone is aiming to make a profit from your travel.  When you own or lease an aircraft, you pay for what it costs you to operate which can be a substantial saving when compared to chartering or airline services.

While many businesses do not understand aviation law and do not have experience in operating aircraft, Complete Aviation does and has almost 25 years experience in owning, operating and managing aircraft.

We are able to provide you with guidance into the correct aircraft choice for your requirements and provide you with:

  • Experienced and trained flight crew;
  • Maintenance services; and
  • Ensure you have a streamlined transparent aircraft operation that maximises your company transport requirements.

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