Passenger Aircraft Charters

Human Resources are one of the most valuable assets a business has.  The safety and well being of each team member is crucial to maintaining your human resource assets.

We provide businesses with dedicated scheduled passenger charter services for FIFO flights and on demand charter flights for site visits or business meetings in regional centres or at remote sites.

Passenger air charters allow you to operate to your own schedule to your preferred destination.

The key benefits of  passenger air charters include:

  • Safety – air travel is much safer than road travel. When you consider many Australian roads are shared with road trains, wildlife and fatigued drivers – flying your Human Resource assets mitigates the risk of road travel;
  • Efficiency – air travel can improve time management by more than 80% when comparing road travel over a 400km journey. An aircraft charter flight does not have check in cut off times or invasive security checks – it is your own dedicated flight so when you arrive at the airport, your board and go.
  • Security – your air charter is dedicated to you, so conversations remain confidential. You have total control of who travels with you and what information is shared.
  • Productivity – With minimum times required to check in and board, personnel can focus on their task at hand. Passengers can read their briefs, complete their reports or conduct in flight meetings combining the benefits of Efficiency and Security enroute.  Then they arrive at the destination again without the hassle of crowded airport terminals and baggage carousels and can transfer directly to their task of making business profits.

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