Heavy Air Freight Services for Dangerous Goods Available in Perth

There’s no way to move cargo from one place to another without incurring certain risks. Every company who does business or moves products to multiple locations understands this, but that doesn’t mean you must embrace risk head on. In fact, it’s best to do everything in your power to minimise the chances of something going wrong when your cargo is in transit, especially if that cargo happens to be sensitive or volatile. Dealing with dangerous goods requires extra care and attention, especially from the people who will be handling them while they’re moving from one place to the next.

One of the most reliable ways to ship dangerous goods is by air freight. Perth is home to plenty of businesses that need to move flammable, explosive or otherwise hazardous materials on a regular basis, and doing so by air helps to mitigate some of the most pressing risks associated with the shipping process. Imagine, for instance, that you need to move explosives halfway across the country. Doing so by truck could take several days, during which those goods might be near a variety of different people—from gas station attendants to motel managers. The less time hazardous materials spend anywhere near people who aren’t qualified to handle them, the better their chances are of making it to their destination safely and soundly. That’s why putting them on a plane is a much safer bet. Flying across Australia only takes several hours, during which your goods are unlikely to be near anyone who doesn’t have the training to be around them.

Hazardous air freight from Perth is possible by calling Complete Aviation, or CAS. We established Complete Aviation in 1992, and since then the company has helped to move all kinds of cargo to various parts of Australia. Capable of flying to any Australian airport, CAS uses modern craft with up to date technology and enforces strict safety protocols, which allows the company to handle hazardous goods. Complete Aviation is licenced by CASA to carry materials from every class of dangerous goods, making them an invaluable resource for those in Perth with particularly delicate cargo.

Heavy Air Freight in Perth Also Available

Moving items heavier than 50kg is impossible for most narrow-body jets, which is why flying heavy goods on commercial flights is problematic. Using a charter service like Complete Aviation solves this problem since CAS uses dedicated freighter aircraft without such restrictions. Heavy items (up to 1.2 tonnes) are carefully loaded with a forklift to ensure that they make it onto the plane safely, then flown to their destination quickly and efficiently.

Choosing Your Method

Putting thought into the way you move heavy or dangerous items is the best way to ensure success, so always do some research before selecting the best method for the items you wish to transport. For those of you who want to be particularly careful, air travel represents a quick and safe solution. Call Complete Aviation for more information, or to book your next shipment today.