Heavy air freight keeps your business productive

On regular passenger flights, you might only see regular luggage and carry-ons. Airplanes like the Boeing 737 have limited bulk-cargo space and therefore cannot handle heavy air freight. These planes are limited to carrying 50 kilograms due to OH&S requirements. With dedicated heavy air freight aircraft, these limits are not in place. These planes can easily handle heavy equipment and dangerous materials.

At Complete Aviation, we understand the need to transport heavy and hazardous materials in a safe, efficient manner. We’ve been working in the industry since 1922, offering transportation of bulky items, dangerous goods, and hazardous products with air freight in Broome and various other regions. We operate a fleet of freight aircraft that have moved various items throughout Australia. Our focus is on safety, efficiency and professional transportation since many of the industries that we serve are highly dependent on maintaining constant production output; any downtime means an astounding loss of profit, which means that the urgent air freight we provide is essential to success.

Using heavy air freight out of Broome, you can save you millions in lost time and productivity

When essential equipment in the oil industry breaks, the resulting cost from downtime exponentially rises when considering its effects down the supply line. Often, it is much cheaper to use heavy air freight from Broome or Jandakot to quickly repair or replace the broken equipment. The savings are even greater when considering that oil refining equipment often operates in regional or remote sites that are difficult to reach by any means other than flight. Our experience in urgent transportation of hazardous and dangerous goods through air freight also gives us greater flexibility. We operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week for each of the 365 days in the year, so that we can prepare for any emergency that may come up from our clients. Our charter flights can be called on short notice at any time, day or night, to any airport in Australia. This flexibility guarantees that we can bring in replacement parts or units to reduce your downtime costs as much as possible.

We also hold CASA Approval to carry all classes of dangerous goods, whether they are explosives or radioactive materials. Without such approval, planes are not allowed to transport hazardous goods by air freight. The same logic applies to dangerous goods air freight in Broome. Thanks to our high-speed Metro aircraft, the scope of cargo that we can transport is extremely broad and can include drilling equipment, helicopter rotor blades, turbine engines, and much, much more. These types of freight are often unusually shaped, which adds another layer of complexity that may be too much for ill-prepared planes. Thankfully, our planes have pallet sized loading doors which work well with our customised loading equipment, ensuring that your freight is loaded safely for your future use.

Experience and Peace of Mind

Please consider coming to Complete Aviation for all your dangerous goods and hazardous air freight needs in the Broome area and beyond. Our experience in the industry will keep your cargo and peace of mind intact so that you can continue operating at peak efficiency.