Is it Too Heavy? Air Freight for Australia Business Now Available

You jumped in your pickup and raced to the airport. Your secondary warehouse needs an engine head to finish the custom job promised for tomorrow. The engine delivered didn’t fit the custom design. The appropriate engine will take another week to arrive. You drive out onto the tarmac to deliver your cargo, but get rejected. Their commercial flight cannot accommodate you, and the weight of your engine is too heavy to ensure safe travel. They refer you to Casair, the leader in heavy and dangerous goods air freight for all Australia.

Casair Accommodates Hazardous Air Freight for Australia

Commercial airlines’ priority is the transport of persons. They have restrictions on the weight their employees can manage due to their job descriptions. Meanwhile, our specialty is the transport of dangerous goods via air freight throughout Australia. Our fleet of charter planes don’t carry the same weight and content restrictions as commercial flights. That means that we can transport heavier items and hazardous materials usually rejected by airlines such as explosives, radioactive material, and yes, we even handle dead bodies. Casair understands that even materials that are hazardous need air freight in Australia.

We are much more flexible for carrying all kinds of freight than our commercial counterparts, so you can feel confident that if you need something bulky transported, we can usually accommodate it.

Transporting Dangerous Good via Air Freight in Australia is Safer

It is safer to transport dangerous goods as air freight across Australia’s skies. Ground transportation is time-consuming and leaves your employees vulnerable to the elements of the countryside. Long drives cause exhaustion. Drivers are unable to work while they travel. A collision of any sort is more dangerous when transporting hazardous materials. Materials transported via hazardous air freight across Australia circumvent the threat of worker fatigue or wildlife interruptions.

With Casair, avoid conforming to rigid commercial schedules riddled with cancellations and delays. Our charter plane fleet allows you to use our planes for your transport requirements. Send one item or fill up the cabin. Send equipment and people. You’ll enjoy comfort and privacy knowing only your team will be on board.

We provide solutions in heavy air freight for Australia’s industrial businesses, and our customised forklift loads your cargo and secures it in place for travel. Your items will arrive in excellent condition ready for use.

Call us 24 hours a day seven days a week for information and booking. We will provide a schedule for when we can accommodate your aviation needs. Book in advance, set a schedule, or call us for emergency services. If you are concerned that your item is too heavy for our air freight in Australia, feel free to give us a call. We will be able to assess if we can transport your load. Don’t be deterred by restrictions imposed on commercial air travel. We can get you in the air in a matter of hours. Fly with us, and you’ll arrive refreshed, in style, and on time.