Your Solution for Air Cargo Services in Perth

When you have valuable items to move across long distances, you should weigh your options carefully. Shipping valuable items along Australia’s highways can be time-consuming and more expensive than many people realise, and even risky. After all, more time in transit means more opportunities for something unexpected to occur. A far more reliable way to move cargo is by air. Many people don’t realise the viability of air freight cargo in Perth, but it’s an exceptionally safe and predictable way to bring your shipment to its intended destination. You just need to make sure that you’re choosing the right company for your air cargo services. Perth businesses who put serious care into their investments will want to use a transport company that prioritises efficiency, productivity and safety.

Safety should be your number one concern, especially if you’re shipping dangerous goods. The more sensitive your cargo is, the less time you’ll want it to spend in transit. Shipping dangerous goods by road is a higher-risk procedure than using air cargo services in Perth, whereas air travel significantly reduces the window of time your cargo spends getting where it needs to go. Shorter trips also reduce the fatigue undergone by transport personnel, ensuring that the people who handle your freight are refreshed and focused.

Once you’ve decided to ship your goods by air, you need to choose a company providing air cargo in Perth. One of the most reliable is Complete Aviation or CAS, a company whose record of success goes all the way back to 1992. Complete Aviation provides both passenger and cargo services, using some of the finest craft and technology available in chartered air travel. Our attention to detail also makes us an ideal company for transporting sensitive items or dangerous goods, providing every client with a truly reliable solution.

Urgent Air Freight Cargo Services in Perth Available

Another area in which Complete Aviation differs from other companies is our ability to carry critical freight on short notice. We can take your goods at any time of day or night, and fly to any airport in Australia. Flexibility on our part translates directly into convenience on yours, making CAS one of the most client-friendly cargo services in the country. Don’t take chances with your valuable materials. Trust CAS to put everything in its proper place.

Qualified to Carry Your Goods

Flying with dangerous goods can be a challenging task, but at CAS we’ve done everything we can to handle such tasks with ease. Our company holds CASA approval to carry all classes of dangerous goods, including Class 1 Explosives and Class 7 Radioactive Materials. Questions about something you need to have shipped? No problem—just call us and speak with one of our representatives. We’ll be happy to provide you with more information about our services, or give you an estimate for the job you have in mind. Flying your cargo is easy when you choose Complete Aviation.